Renton, WA

Esthetic School in Renton, WA

The City of Renton is the 7th largest city in the state of Washington. According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2010, the population of Renton was 90,927. Renton residents enjoy the commercial hubs of the city as well as nearby travel destinations. The city of Seattle is a mere 12 miles away from Renton, while large national forest preserves and the pristine waters of Lake Washington are nearby as well. 

In 1901, Renton became a fully incorporated city, founded primarily upon untapped coal reserves and an abundant supply of nearby timber. However, the city later developed into a major factory for Boeing during World War II, manufacturing Boeing Superfortresses. Currently, Renton continues to contribute greatly to Boeing’s growing fleet of planes, with the production of Boeing 737s. 

City Hall Building in Renton, WA

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The Euro Institute of Skin Care proudly serves the city of Renton by providing a comprehensive esthetics college program and exceptional spa services. Drawing upon the expertise of our instructors, students receive education that lead to rewarding careers! For more information regarding our esthetic classes, please contact us for more information! 
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