Dr. Spiller Biocosmetic

Dr. Spiller Biocosmetic Skincare Solutions at Our Esthetic School in Renton WA 
Dr. Spiller Biocosmetic: Beauty in Perfection

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Cleansers and Exfoliants

Aloe Sensitive Cleanser
A creamy cleanser that hydrates dry, sensitive skin and gently removes impurities and makeup. 6.8 oz.

Cucumber Cleansing Milk 
Creamy cleanser with cucumber extracts to brighten and purify, it is great for oily/combo and impure skin. 6.8 oz.

Hydro Marin Cleansing Foam
An excellent foaming cleanser with refreshing and re-mineralizing properties that cleanses deeper than a milky cleanser but not as dehydrating as a gel cleanser. It can be used for all skin types and is great for men. 5.0 oz.

Wash Cream
Rich, creamy, hydrating cleansing cream for deep cleansing of the skin that is especially good for removal of makeup. It is used for dry/mature skins. 3.4 oz.

Jojoba Peeling Cream
Gentle exfoliate that refines skin, removes dead skin cells and hydrates. 1.7 oz.

Toners, Serums, Gels, and Treatments

Aloe Sensitive Toner 
A gentle toner that soothes and hydrates while restoring the natural pH of the skin. 6.8 oz.

Cucumber Toner
This purifying toner brightens and soothes oily, combo and impure skin. 6.8 oz.

Hamamelis Toner
This soothing, healing astringent toner with potent anti-oxidant properties is used for oily/combo/acne skins. 6.7 oz.

Hydro Marin Freshener
This refreshing toner stabilizes the pH of the skin. It is great for all skin types, and men. 6.8 oz.

Rose Flower Hydrogel
Refreshing and tightening.  Softens and heals the skin.  For all skin types. 1.7 oz.

Apricot Balm
For extremely dry skin.  Balm with apricot oil and unsaturated fatty acids are perfect for dry skin to keep it soft and supple.  .68oz.

Collagen Intensive Care
This concentrated serum is nourishing and revitalizing, and it is used to replenish moisture in the skin. 1.7 oz.

Herbal Active Complex
A lightweight moisturizer with salicylic acid and an intense mixture of herbal extracts to regulate problem skin. 1.7 oz.

Anti-Couperose Gel
Non-oily gel for the treatment of couperose skin, it helps to tighten and strengthen skin capillaries. 0.68 oz.

Dr. Spiller Roll On 
A spot treatment for blemishes. 0.34 oz.

Eye Contour Cream 
This is a lightweight cream with refreshing, soothing, hydrating and healing properties. 0.68 oz.

Aloe Vera Eye Repair Ampoule
Revitalizing, firming eye care with collagen, sea-silk and aloe to prevent premature aging.  .17oz.

Eye Contour Gel with ATP 
Eye gel with patented peptide complex; lessens the appearance of dark circles, restores smoothness and firms the skin.  .68 oz.

De-Pigmentor Serum 
This serum contains potent pigmentation suppressants, whitening and anti-inflammatory agents. It supports suppleness and elasticity of the skin. 1.0 oz.


Azulene Cream Mask
Great for normalizing sensitive skin prone to irritation.  For all skin types.  1.7oz.

Cellular Cream Mask
Cream mask with high quality ingredients and lipids which aid in cellular regeneration.  1.7oz.

Terra California Clay Mask
A mask for problem skin with a mixture of absorbing clays that is also hydrating, cooling, and balancing.  1.7oz.

Moisturizing Creams

Aloe Day Cream 
A moisturizer for all skin types with a high content of aloe vera extract for protective and soothing care. 1.7 oz.

Azulene Cream
A soothing and protective day/night care cream with the active ingredients of Chamomile. 1.7 oz.

Propolis Day Cream
This moisturizing cream regenerates and balances the skin. It is used for oily/acne/combination skins. 1.7 oz.

Propolis Night Cream
This nighttime moisturizing cream is rich in vitamin B complex and ingredients that restore and regulate the skins flora. 1.7 oz.

Thymovit E Cream
Strong anti-oxidants help to slow the aging process.  For mature, dry, or irritated skin.  1.7oz.

Sensitive Beauty Care Day Cream
This lightweight moisturizing cream has plant and flower extracts with healing and moisturizing properties. 1.7 oz.

Sensitive Beauty Care Light Cream
This cream is a well balanced combination of active ingredients to heal and protect the skin, and it’s lightweight. 1.7 oz.

Sensitive Beauty Night Cream
This night cream is balancing, soothing and calming. It is great for sensitive skin. 1.7 oz.

Vitamin C Plus Day Cream
Potent antioxidants help slow the aging process; regenerates the skin and promotes collagen production. It is for mature/aging skins. 1.7 oz.

Vitamin C Plus Day Light Cream
Lightweight cream with potent antioxidants to help slow the aging process; regenerates the skin and promotes collagen production. It is for mature/aging skins. 1.7 oz.

Vitamin C Plus Night Cream 
This powerful antioxidant vitamin C and hyaluronic acid moisturizing cream prevents and repairs premature aging. It is for mature/dry/aging skin. 1.7 oz.
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